Content Warnings

I believe in safe reading! But I also do understand that some people are highly spoiler-sensitive and even the mention of a keyword can set their mind in motion trying to figure out how that fits into the plot and seeing the event coming.

My books are aimed at an upper-YA to adult audience and content is generally suitable for those around 15 years or older.

General themes in my books include infrequent coarse language, fade-to-black sex, violence, death, animals dying, and mental health themes including suicide and self-harm.

I don’t write a lot of gore and graphic content or explicit sex scenes, and violence isn’t condoned. While my stories have many bleak moments and aren’t often feel-good, they’re not grimdark either. In the longer works especially, I try to keep some humour.

If you would like to be more thoroughly warned about specifics, read on.

The Inheritance Experiment

(Short story) Strong violence, kidnapping, human captivity, torture, war, guns, killing, death


(Novel) Violence, self-harm (including a couple of somewhat graphic scenes, but not from the POV of the person doing the self-harming), occasional coarse language, death, killing, gun use, lab animals